Helpful Tips for Choosing a Photography Laptop

For someone starting a photography business choosing a laptop can be difficult to do. With all the different features available for computers today it’s easy to get lost in the acronyms. Having a fast computer is pretty important and the goal of this article is to help you choose the top laptops for photo editing and photography. One thing computer companies need to do is make it easier for the layman to understand what they are getting with a computer, but that’s a topic for a different article.

Here’s what I look for when choosing a computer

The type of computer is pretty important and usually the goto type is a laptop for photography, but even a high power desktop computer can help out as well. Preferably you would want to have both in your arsenal, but a first purchase would be better for a laptop. That way you can easily take your computer with you when dealing with different clients. Don’t worry though, these tips can also help you find the best photography desktop if that is what you are looking for.

Should you get a Mac or Windows machine

That’s the next question to get answered. For a lot of graphic design types of work a Mac can really be preferable. With that said though, Pcs are starting to come up a bit in this area. Macs are typically a bit more expensive, so if you want to save some money go with a PC. It should work great for you to start with.

Tons of space

You will need both a lot of RAM to help programs like Photoshop to run really fast and you also need to have a lot of hard drive space. Pictures tend to be very large files so having either a large hard drive in the computer or even getting an external hard drive can be good. Once again this comes down to what kind of budget you are operating with.

One additional tip that isn’t super important to think about when buying a desktop is finding good monitors for photo editing. With monitors you really get what you pay for, so finding a cheap one might not be the best. With that said though, monitor prices are always coming down and getting cheaper and bigger. You want one that has a great picture and great color to help you with the editing.

Those are some pretty basic questions to ask yourself when looking to buy a laptop for photography and getting the best one for you is the most important. Always keep in mind how you will be using your new computer and get one that overall works for your budget. Remember a computer is just a tool to help you get your job done.

Arthritis and Treatment for Family Dogs

Arthritis in a dog is fairly the same as this degenerative condition is in humans – affecting one or more joints. Most of the cases that occur in dogs are from an orthopaedic disease that is inherited such as osteochondrosis or hip dysplasia while others develop with an injury to the joint. A few cases of arthritis are linked to joint disease or immune-mediated infection.

Common disease in dogs

Osteoarthritis is very common and distresses one out of 5 dogs during their life. The problem is not one that only affects dogs that are older. Some causes for osteoarthritis to develop include:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Trauma in the joint
  • Ruptured cruciate ligaments
  • And other joint conditions

Degenerative arthritis can develop even in very young dogs. Dogs that are large-breed are affected more often than smaller dogs. Dogs that are heavy are more likely to develop symptoms due to the extra strain placed on joints and ligaments. Luckily, there are some great joint supplements for dogs that can help ease the pain of arthritis.

How to diagnose

The diagnosis is made by joint x-rays that will show bone spurs at points where the ligaments and the joint capsule attach to the bone. There are all varying in degrees of the joint space as it narrows and increases density of bone around the joint.

Joint diseases are incurable

Joint diseases that are degenerative are incurable, but the treatment can improve the dog’s life substantially. Usually treatment involves weight control and physical therapy, the use of corticosteroids and analgesics for pain relief and for improved function as well as the use of chondroprotective agents that repair the cartilage in the joint and prevent any further damage. Acupuncture is also another therapy that has shown results that are good for arthritic dogs. All of these can be used at the same time.

Acupuncture and physical therapy

Physical therapy and acupuncture are alternative or additional ways to make a dog with arthritis comfortable. With severe cases, these painful joints can be surgically fused, such as the elbow or hock, relieves pain and restores movement to the limbs in some dogs.


Moderate exercise is helpful since it sustains muscle mass and conserves joint flexibility. Extreme exercise is counterproductive. Dogs with arthritis should not be allowed to stand on their back legs so jumping up and down is not something these dogs should be doing. Dogs with lameness and pain need to be exercised with a harness or a leash. There are physical therapists working in the veterinary field, who are able to help design an exercise (as well as weight loss) program.


Swimming is an exercise that is excellent that improves muscle mass without stressing the joints. Exercise may be increased as the dog improves with the use of medications.


If the dog is overweight, he should be encouraged to lose weight. Being overweight can be a serious complication during this treatment. There is an uncommon group of diseases where antibodies are focused on the dog’s own tissues of connectivity and these result in either a non-erosive or erosive arthritis. In arthritis that is erosive, joint and cartilage surfaces are damaged. In nonerosive arthritis, there is inflammation but there is no destruction of the tissue.

Take care of your pets

But no matter what type arthritis your dog has, he needs to be under the care of a vet so that your family pet can live a comfortable life.

The Best Way to Safely Store Your Fountain Pen

The Art of Writing

In an age where we have transitioned from pen and paper to the “click click click” of the keyboard, it’s refreshing to know that there is still a need, desire and use for the masterpiece of all writing instruments from where our forefathers first penned the documents that helped create the foundation for our country: the fountain pen. While some countries still use this method of writing, in The United States, the fountain pen is reserved for intricate and detail-oriented artful writing and penning such as calligraphy or graphic design.

Images of a fountain pen and inkwell conjure an old time feel that takes us back to a simpler time in life when things moved at a slower pace. If you’re a lover of pen and ink drawings or have a talent for creating beautiful calligraphy or are a graphic designer or someone whose job requires the use of a fountain pen recommendation on a regular basis, then you know that proper care of your fountain pen is of the utmost importance. So, what is the best way to safely store your fountain pen?

Proper and Safe Storage is Key to Peak Performance

If you’re a graphic designer or an artist you know the importance of having working tools at your fingertips (emphasis on the word working.) and how inconvenient it can be if you want to start writing immediately and you have to clean the nib because it has leaked or refill an ink cartridge because the ink has dried or the nib is clogged. The nib is the most delicate part of the pen and is where all the action takes place, so making sure it is properly stored is key.

Experts Agree a View from the Top is Best

While opinions tend to vary, those in the pen industry tend to agree that the best solution is that if you want to get the best performance from your fountain pen, the nib point should be stored up when not in use. Some people debate that leaving the pen in a downward or sideways position works equally as well, however the general consensus is that for the best use, the nib should remain in an upward position. Otherwise, the ink will dry down into the converter or cartridge which may cause poor performance and clogging of the nib due to the ink drying and clumping. Also, if you will be carrying your fountain pens with you in a laptop case or briefcase, storing them nib up will prevent the ink from leaking into the cap and causing permanent stains to the case.

Case in Point…

Additionally, another way to make sure your fountain pen is safely stored is to keep it in a box or case. Many people store their fountain pens in the boxes they came in, however if you use them on a frequent basis, it becomes cumbersome. Leather pen cases or pen rolls are a durable and portable option and add convenience. There are some people who store them in wooden cases, however this option is less appealing than the portable leather pen case and really depends on how often you use them.

On Pointe and Pen Poised

Keeping these loose guidelines in mind regarding the best way to safely store your fountain pen will keep you “on pointe” and your pen poised and ready for your next project.

Do You Know What Vintage Clothes Are?

If someone were to ask you about what vintage clothes are, would you have an answer for that question? In other words, what are vintage clothes?

Old Clothes

Vintage clothes are probably upstairs in your grandmother’s old trunk – so you are now thinking “old clothes” and in some ways you are right. Actually there are two types of vintage clothes.

Can Be New

First, vintage clothes can be new clothes made from vintage patterns or clothes that are new but made after clothes from any decade or century. Or vintage clothes can be clothing actually made in any decade or century (yes, old clothes).

Save Your Old Clothes

Someone has often said to always save your old clothes because eventually the style will come around to being popular again and in some cases that might be true but clothes from the 30s are not going to be in style again! You can still wear them but they are vintage clothes.

Some Love Wearing Vintage Clothing

There are many people who actually love clothes from another era – these people still wear clothing from the 60’s or the 50’s and there are stores that specialize in vintage clothing. Vintage clothing include both men and women’s clothes and vintage pieces of clothing are often worn for a Theme party or occasion – like a party revolved around the Roaring 20s. Another type of clothing that is very popular to having parties around are hipster sweaters. Like vintage clothing these types of sweaters can have a few different meanings.

Consignment Shops

There are stores that sell vintage clothing and are probably really re-selling clothing that someone gives to the store to sell on consignment. Vintage clothing stores also probably get a lot of their pieces this way and also from estate sales.

Saturday Vintage Clothes Shopping

Vintage clothes are often worn on Halloween or the local Community Theatres use lots of vintage clothing. Another name for vintage clothing can be historical clothing. There are so many of these historical or vintage clothes shops in small little towns. In fact a fun Saturday for a bunch of ladies is to go vintage clothes shopping in the small towns near where they live. If you are good about fashion you could find a vintage blazer or jacket and renew it with a new blouse and slacks – suddenly you have a new outfit to wear to work or church.

Vintage Clothes Market on the Internet

Vintage clothes for both men and women and in some cases even vintage clothes for children are really fun especially if you love clothes. Whether you are a collector of vintage or historical clothing or just love to wear clothes that are conversation starters, the vintage clothing market is rich and alive on the internet.