Do You Know What Vintage Clothes Are?

If someone were to ask you about what vintage clothes are, would you have an answer for that question? In other words, what are vintage clothes?

Old Clothes

Vintage clothes are probably upstairs in your grandmother’s old trunk – so you are now thinking “old clothes” and in some ways you are right. Actually there are two types of vintage clothes.

Can Be New

First, vintage clothes can be new clothes made from vintage patterns or clothes that are new but made after clothes from any decade or century. Or vintage clothes can be clothing actually made in any decade or century (yes, old clothes).

Save Your Old Clothes

Someone has often said to always save your old clothes because eventually the style will come around to being popular again and in some cases that might be true but clothes from the 30s are not going to be in style again! You can still wear them but they are vintage clothes.

Some Love Wearing Vintage Clothing

There are many people who actually love clothes from another era – these people still wear clothing from the 60’s or the 50’s and there are stores that specialize in vintage clothing. Vintage clothing include both men and women’s clothes and vintage pieces of clothing are often worn for a Theme party or occasion – like a party revolved around the Roaring 20s. Another type of clothing that is very popular to having parties around are hipster sweaters. Like vintage clothing these types of sweaters can have a few different meanings.

Consignment Shops

There are stores that sell vintage clothing and are probably really re-selling clothing that someone gives to the store to sell on consignment. Vintage clothing stores also probably get a lot of their pieces this way and also from estate sales.

Saturday Vintage Clothes Shopping

Vintage clothes are often worn on Halloween or the local Community Theatres use lots of vintage clothing. Another name for vintage clothing can be historical clothing. There are so many of these historical or vintage clothes shops in small little towns. In fact a fun Saturday for a bunch of ladies is to go vintage clothes shopping in the small towns near where they live. If you are good about fashion you could find a vintage blazer or jacket and renew it with a new blouse and slacks – suddenly you have a new outfit to wear to work or church.

Vintage Clothes Market on the Internet

Vintage clothes for both men and women and in some cases even vintage clothes for children are really fun especially if you love clothes. Whether you are a collector of vintage or historical clothing or just love to wear clothes that are conversation starters, the vintage clothing market is rich and alive on the internet.