The Best Way to Safely Store Your Fountain Pen

The Art of Writing

In an age where we have transitioned from pen and paper to the “click click click” of the keyboard, it’s refreshing to know that there is still a need, desire and use for the masterpiece of all writing instruments from where our forefathers first penned the documents that helped create the foundation for our country: the fountain pen. While some countries still use this method of writing, in The United States, the fountain pen is reserved for intricate and detail-oriented artful writing and penning such as calligraphy or graphic design.

Images of a fountain pen and inkwell conjure an old time feel that takes us back to a simpler time in life when things moved at a slower pace. If you’re a lover of pen and ink drawings or have a talent for creating beautiful calligraphy or are a graphic designer or someone whose job requires the use of a fountain pen recommendation on a regular basis, then you know that proper care of your fountain pen is of the utmost importance. So, what is the best way to safely store your fountain pen?

Proper and Safe Storage is Key to Peak Performance

If you’re a graphic designer or an artist you know the importance of having working tools at your fingertips (emphasis on the word working.) and how inconvenient it can be if you want to start writing immediately and you have to clean the nib because it has leaked or refill an ink cartridge because the ink has dried or the nib is clogged. The nib is the most delicate part of the pen and is where all the action takes place, so making sure it is properly stored is key.

Experts Agree a View from the Top is Best

While opinions tend to vary, those in the pen industry tend to agree that the best solution is that if you want to get the best performance from your fountain pen, the nib point should be stored up when not in use. Some people debate that leaving the pen in a downward or sideways position works equally as well, however the general consensus is that for the best use, the nib should remain in an upward position. Otherwise, the ink will dry down into the converter or cartridge which may cause poor performance and clogging of the nib due to the ink drying and clumping. Also, if you will be carrying your fountain pens with you in a laptop case or briefcase, storing them nib up will prevent the ink from leaking into the cap and causing permanent stains to the case.

Case in Point…

Additionally, another way to make sure your fountain pen is safely stored is to keep it in a box or case. Many people store their fountain pens in the boxes they came in, however if you use them on a frequent basis, it becomes cumbersome. Leather pen cases or pen rolls are a durable and portable option and add convenience. There are some people who store them in wooden cases, however this option is less appealing than the portable leather pen case and really depends on how often you use them.

On Pointe and Pen Poised

Keeping these loose guidelines in mind regarding the best way to safely store your fountain pen will keep you “on pointe” and your pen poised and ready for your next project.