Top Myths About Storing Wine

There are many myths about wine storage that can easily be debunked. Some of the myths were true decades ago but in the modern era with new techniques many truisms have simply become myths now.

Red Wines

This is actually two myths put together. Red wines should be uncorked hours prior to serving and need to be at room temperature.

Red wines do not need to ‘breathe’ to be its best and the serving temperature for red wine is mostly a myth today as room temperatures are usually heated to 70 degrees due to central heating. So with room temperature being much over what it used to be makes both of these a myth. Some heat can change aromas and makes the alcohol more pronounced in flavor so a red wine needs to be in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes prior to serving and this will make it closer to what a cellar temperature would be.


The humidity myth is about wines being kept in a cellar with a certain amount of humidity. Figures are usually 70 percent to 95 percent humidity. This is in order to keep the cork moist.

This is all just a myth. Wine is enclosed in bottles of glass and tightly sealed by a compress cork; 1 end having about a dime-size contact to air. The other end of the cork is kept wet by the wine due to the bottles being stored on their side. Now how much humidity is going to penetrate that cork, which is very tightly compressed already? Almost none!

This might be good for wineries that store their wines for a while in wood barrels but this makes no sense for home cellars being stored in corked bottles instead of wood barrels so the need for humidity in home wine cellars is a myth.

Need a wine cellar

To have a wine cellar to store wine at home is just another myth. You don’t need to store wine to get better with age. Any closet not having temperatures that vary, is free from light and vibrations will be fine for wines even if they are stored for years. Just make sure the bottles are stored on their sides in a rack or a box. If you do want your wine stored at a specific temperature then you might want to look into getting a wine refrigerator. The top wine refrigerators are not very expensive and don’t take up a lot of room.

All wines get better with age

Just another myth since almost all of today’s wines are made to be consumed within the year that it was bottled in. In some cases, red wine might last up to 4 years without any decline but most wine should be used within a year of the vintage.

These are just a few of the myths that have remained from centuries ago till today with new methods and equipment for making wine. There are others having to do with consumption and certainly others myths to do with storage but these are the ones the most people ask about and are the ones that are repeated the most.